Walter came to us with The Buffalo 7, from a backyard breeding ring. He is the oldest of the boys, at almost 5 years old. After months of recovering from the starvation and abuse he endured, he still weighed in at only 20 something lbs and really began to struggle during the harsh winter. He moved from Willeyville to our president’s home where he could be indoors while being treated for pneumonia. Walter began to blossom during those few months and we were overjoyed to return him to the great outdoors this Spring where he enjoyed several months outdoors before heading to one of our team member’s home where he can be indoor/outdoor. He will remain a permanent resident of KCPRN. At 5+ years old, he is too old for his stunted frames to make up for lost time, even though he are now on a proper diet. His frame will eventually be too small for his organs to function fully and his lifespan will likely be reduced. So, he is small… much smaller than average… but at the cost of years of his life. Nothing could be worth what this group has been through, especially something as trivial and unimportant as their stature.