Rambo! Rambo is one of our big boys from the Indy Pig Rescue case we worked on over the summer of 2019, with a handful of other non-profit pig rescues and sanctuaries accross the country. These boys suffered for years, without shelter, clean drinking wattter or consistent food, and without vet care spays/neuters. Their group of 67 pigs were scheduled to be euthanized on June 03, 2019, as part of a criminal abuse case in Indiana – but we came together with these other orgs and got them out of there in time to save their lives and begin their rehabilitation. Our group of 14 arrived to the Kansas City area on July 4th, 2019 and they have come so SO far. Rambo was by far the most haggard looking pig from this case to join our program. He had been taken to Purdue University after his initial and became friends with two boys that our foster mom Stacey adopted from this case personally. He was the first of the Indy fosters to make the move from our Willeyville Farm location to Circle A, and he has been ruling the roost ever since. He is patient and gentle, despite his size and his past. He and his pal Arthur even enjoy being the baby goats jungle gym on most days!