Olive. Oh beautiful Olive. She is a complicated girl who has been through quite a bit. Olive has struggled on and off with behavioral challenges. She was raised in a private family home, as an only pig – until her family adopted a sissy pig from KCPRN to help curb her attitude. MOST of the time this is a very successful tactic, but Olive continued to have times of lashing out. Earlier this year, her family had to sell their home and move into a home that was not suitable for two adult piggies. They made the difficult decision to return the pig they had adopted from us and we offered Olive a safe landing as well. This family truly loved these pigs and the situation was out of their control. These girls both grieved their loss for quite awhile and Olive continued to show some aggressive behaviors, perhaps prompted more so by her loss this time. She can also be sweet as pie though, and since moving to our Circle A location where she has a lot of piggy friends and a lot of space, she is a very happy and sweet girl. Olive is looking for a forever home with the things she has now – other pigs to interact with, and space to do pig things. She is a complicated lady but she is deserving of love and a lasting family bond.