Leora is another one of KCPRN’s permanent residents. She will live the remainder of her life with our VP, where she has been in recovery for an entire year. Leora was the most fragile and distressed pig from the Clinton 21 hoarding and neglect case. Leora spent three weeks at our vet clinic upon intake, and our primary veterinarian did not think she was going to survive. To say she was skin and bones truly cannot even describe the condition of this beautiful pig. Leora fought HARD for many years to survive. She had been at this property since as early as 2015 that we know of, and fought tooth and nail to protect her family and to provide for her babies. Unfortunately she lost litter after litter due to the conditions, and was bred again and again and again back to back. Leora was spayed this Fall and is FINALLY free from hormones and a reproductive system (full of painful cysts). We over so in love with this beauty and are so happy to say that she is forever home, with us.