A family of 8 pigs came to KCPRN recently, after losing their mother to domestic violence. For those who are unfamiliar, Amber Slankard was a beloved member of the pet pig and animal rescue communities for many many years. She lived a few hours from us, and had fostered for KCPRN a handful of times. She was a friend to many, many pigs all over the country and even world wide. She made a huge difference for hundreds of animals and humans over the years and this loss has been very difficult for our community. Amber had 5 outdoor pigs and 3 indoor pigs, all of whom now quickly needed someone to go. We desperately wanted this family to be able to stay together to grieve their loss and mourn surrounded by those who understand them. Amber’s family relinquished these 8 pigs to KCPRN, so that we could provide for their short term and long term needs. An awesome group of volunteers quickly organized their transportation from Wichita to Kansas City, and they arrived home to our Willeyville location. Frank, Garf, Wilfred, Jagger, Vixen, Minx, Puck and Clover are in the process of healing. They are doing this together, and slowly communicating their needs and bonds with our team. When they are ready, they will be placed into forever homes, with their strongest bonds in mind. It is an absolute honor to have Amber’s pigs in our care, to provide for them and see them through this transition in their own timeline. We are not rushing their recovery, but very much so look forward to the day when they will each be able to return to a private family home as they were used to. These pigs have known the depth and power of love, and our eventual goal is to find families who will give them the same experience. We know Amber is watching out for them and looking down on them. She will guide us and them through this process.