Fiona is one of the 21 pigs we pulled from an extremely horrid pig mill/hoarding situation on 11/13/19 and 11/15/19, in Clinton MO. Fiona was pregnant at the time and delivered one healthy baby and many stillborn piglets on Thanksgiving Day 2019. She was horrified by what had just happened, scared and confused. With a harsh Midwestern winter approaching, we knew she needed to be back with her friends for comfort and safety. She was petrified in a way we had never seen (like all the adult pigs from this case). We made the very difficult decision to pull her one surviving baby to hand raise indoors, so she could return to her friends. Her piglet (Ruby) had no littermates to cuddle with to stay warm and Fiona was jumpy and clumsy. We were afraid she would trampled Ruby on accident or become depressed to a point we could not help her dig out of. Both mama and baby are doing very well now. Fiona is definitely still the most afraid of the Clinton group but she is improving every day, with her loyal friend and trusted confidant Princess Diana.