Ernie, sweet Ernie. Back in March, this stud took a bold leap on of a semi onto the interstate, while in transport from the facility he was born in to the facility he would be killed in 6 months down the road. Instead he was found on the side of the interstate by a Sporting KC soccer player and found his way to our program. Ernie was raised indoors for a few months, as these “truck jumpers” come to us at around 3 weeks old – too small to be outdoors and requiring pan feeding every couple of hours. These transports happen prior to being weaned from their mothers, and they have so much to learn – like how to eat piggy pellets, after a month or so eating goat milk or formula. Ernie has a forever home waiting for him with his sis Reason, as soon as their new family completes their new space. Ernie is a sweet and docile guy. Having him around and watching him grow up is truly a pleasure.