Sweet little Elvis just from the St Charles animal shelter, after being thrown into some piping hard enough to shatter one of his hind legs. The monster who abused him may have taken his leg but he did not break his spirit. Surgical repair was attempted before we received him, but the damage was just too much. After arriving to KCPRN, Elvis got to see Dr. Koch who determined his leg needed to be amputated, as the muscle tissue was beginning to die. Elvis has battled set back after set back, infection after infection and challenge after challenge but his light continues to shine so bright. His personality and charisma is infectious and he is a true joy to know. He is receiving monthly chiropractic treatment to help him adjust to his 3-legged life, and will grow into his custom wheelchair. For now, he prefers to get around on his own and is more full of love and light than any other pig we have ever know. He is so very special, and truly we are the lucky ones to know him.