Elmer is the newest permanent resident to the KCPRN family. We really do try to keep as few pigs as possible permanently, because rotating fosters mean room and resources for more pigs. However, we have chosen to keep a handful of pigs we have met over the last few years, for various reasons, usually medical requirements. In Elmer’s case, he is staying for a few reasons! Elmer was one of nine Gottingen pigs we received in September from a biomedical research lab here in the Kansas City area. These nine pigs were part of a one year long clinic trial, testing some sort of pharmaceutical administered through a central line. Gottingen pigs are only bred a few places worldwide and only placed into medical labs. They are the smallest known breed in existence and were bio-medically engineered to be this way. The devastating trade off is that their breeding pool is very very small, resulting in often inbred pigs and genetic abnormalities. We are not sure if Elmer’s tongue ALWAYS being out of his mouth is due to inbreeding or to the trial, as the details of the pharma trial are not legally allowed to be disclosed to us. We thought it was the responsible thing to do, to keep one of these pigs for life, to track their health and wellness. The other Gottingens have been adopted or are waiting to find their forever families (Gordon and Everett are still available) with people who understand their history and possible challenges. Elmer staying with us was also something we thought might be good for our mini King Walter. It has been a long time since he has had a friend and the Gottingens all have such a mild temperament and small stature, so a match made in heaven for Walty.