Pinky and Davey are listed in this book together because together they will always be. They are not available for adoption, but are in the care of KCPRN while their mama works on creating a home for them to come back to. Davey was a previous KCPRN foster – who had been running loose in Ottowa KS. He was adopted to a beautiful family, and gained his piggy sister Pinky. Their family has gone through some major changes over the last year, and we are so grateful their family reached out to us for help. Kansas City Pig Rescue Network alumni are always welcome back at KCPRN for any reason no questions asked. Davey needed to return to us for the time being, and how could we open our doors to Davey without his sister Pinky? We just couldn’t and wouldn’t want to. If you have ever been frustrated by careless owners who are not willing to fulfill their commitment to their pets, please know that this family has done everything within their power to keep them safe and we all look forward to the day we can deliver them back to their home. It is an honor to be trusted with members of one’s family as they navigate some big challenges. We are grateful their mommy made the selfless decision to ask us for help, and will celebrate together one day with ice cream and cake.